Late Night Cravings: Blueberry Pancakes

I been traveling a good bit lately, so I definitely have not been on my normal cooking schedule, but this weekend I was home. I caught up on sleep and cravings starting with these Blueberry Pancakes I had to have at 11:30p. I’m not exaggerating when I say these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Ever. I used fresh blueberries; I think fresh is a must for this recipe. I didn’t have white vinegar, so I used apple cider which I think might be a better fit (and also reacts with the milk). I definitely would not substitute any other milk for this recipe (not sure nut milks react as well to vinegar and that’s what makes the pancakes fluffy). Finally, pure maple syrup is a must for these…along with lots of butter. Enjoy!

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