“Honey” Mustard

The last month of my life was awesome: lots of travel, friends, family and love. Though it hasn’t been filled with lots of cooking, I’ve managed to continue the momentum of my summer Whole 30 experience. In fact, I’m down two pounds since ending Whole 30 at day 20.

Now that school is back in, I’m getting back to cooking with a focus on easy meal prep cause the start of the school year is crazy busy. My goal for this semester is to have one Whole 30 meal each day, starting with salad and this “Honey” Mustard Dressing. It’s made with soaked dates instead of honey, though you probably can’t tell the difference in taste. It’s also made with compliant Dijon mustard (i.e. no white wine). I soaked my dates in boiling hot water before adding them to the food processor (with the water cause I like my dressing a bit thin). I also added red pepper flakes for serving cause I like a little spice. This dressing would go great on many things, but this week it’s on top of romaine, apple slices, chicken breast, bacon and red onion. Yum! Enjoy!

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