Strawberry Cheesecake: Vegan, Raw, Paleo 

And almost Whole 30, except for the added honey. Though I used the best local honey from the farmer’s market. This strawberry cheesecake (with no cheese) was inspired by The Unconventional Baker but I omitted the banana. I also made the same substitutions as I did for the Cheesecake I Didn’t Bake because someone buys up all the dates at Trader Joe’s as soon as they come in. Raisins get the job done though and I prefer walnuts for my crust. I soaked my cashews for about 9 hours. Either that wasn’t long enough or I need a better blender, because my batter was a bit gridy. If anyone wants to gift me a vitamix, I’ll gladly accept. Until then cashew butter will be my choice next time I make these. Even challenged, this cheesecake is pretty darn good. What’s your fav vegan, paleo or raw dessert?

6 thoughts on “Strawberry Cheesecake: Vegan, Raw, Paleo 

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