“Chunky Monkey” Vegan Ice Cream

I love sweets! All sweets especially ice cream and baked goods. Post Whole 15, I’ve been making a conscious effort to limit my dairy and sugar intake. But I’ve found some clever substutes for my cravings like this Chunky Monkey Vegan Ice Cream. What’s great about this recipe is that you can make it in a food processor with ingredients any Vegan or Whole 30 challenger likely already has in their kitchen. The faux brownie bits are pretty amazing. I could just eat them alone (actually, I did cause I had extra). I cut the recipe in half, used one frozen/one cold banana, substituted raisins for dates, and coconut oil for applesauce. It was good to eat after about 1.5 hours but ever better after freezing overnight. I plan to try these Vegan Ice Cream Recipes soon. I’m sure I’ll be writing about how good they are too. Enjoy!

Made my own oat flour, didn’t sift because the goal was “brownie” chunks

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