Whole 15: Brussels Lovers Unite 

It’s Day 4 of my Whole 15 journey and I feel great. The only thing I’m craving is a piece of gum (and I’m not going to Whole Foods for ghee gum). I should have planned a bit better cause I’m tired of chicken, but other than that, all good. For dinner, I’m loving Roasted Brussels with Bacon & Apples. I planned to eat it with my favorite Cajun Baked Chicken, but it was so filling most nights that I just ate the side dish. I found sugar & nitrate free bacon at my regular grocery store–be sure you’re reading labels.  Because I only cook for one, I usually eat each meal 3-4 days, but this dish did not reheat well. I ate it, but this dish definitely taste better fresh. 

I’m loving the feedback and support! Please continue to share your favorite Whole 30 recipes. 

Bought a rosemary plant, let’s pray it lives

Everything has sugar in it–read labels

Used 2 apples cause I can’t follow instructions

Maybe I was just hungry but it seemed like this bacon took forever to cook

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