Whole 15: Fruit Pops & Fireworks 

Happy 4th! Popsicles are a staple in my freezer. These Chloe’s Fruit pops are my favorite, especially the dark chocolate. But I can’t have that on Whole 30, and I knew I couldn’t give up my after dinner treat for my Whole 15 detox. So I ordered these popsicle molds on Amazon Prime, added fruit and coconut water, and boom: homemade fruit popsicles. They have the perfect hint of natural sweetness to help curb cravings without the guilt. Next week, I plan to make a creamy pop using almond or coconut milk. But these were great for a first attempt. I’ll be having one with my fireworks tonight! 

Be sure you get coconut water with no sugar added

Chopped some fruit pieces for chunky fruit in the pops
I love these molds
I used about a cup of coconut water, stored the rest in a Mason jar
Leftover fruit mix made 2 breakfast smoothies

The finished product

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