Love, Salad 

Some folks only eat salad to lose weight, but actually love (LOVE) salad. And I’m kinda obsessed with homemade salad dressing. This week I’m loving salad and hoping to get a final slim down before my trip to Florida to visit family, friends, and the beach. Oh, and eat everything in sight. So for the three days, this Buffalo Blue is my new favorite salad. The star of this salad is definitely the dressing. I’ve made blue cheese dressing before and wasn’t impressed but this one is amazing. I subbed the tomatoes for red peppers because I’m not a fan of tomatoes. They brought a welcome kick to the dish. Some additional mealprep salad tips are in the photo captions. Enjoy! 

I usually buy thin boneless, skinless cutlets and freeze them individually

Mason jars FTW, a perfect way to store the dressing (this is double the recipe)

My fav BBQ sauce makers have a pretty good buffalo sauce too
I chop my lettuce, Mason jars keep the greens fresh throughout the week

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