Best (Indoor) Turkey Burgers  

I’m hosting lots of visitors this summer and taking them all to my favorite local burger joint. But eating all those beef burgers, on buns, with fries might be catching up to my waistline. So I’m getting over my burger cravings in between guests with turkey burgers with the Best Ever Burger Seasoning made on my indoor grill. Since I’m not officially working this summer, I can make the burgers at home each day which is good cause I like my burgers fresh. To cut back on calories, a couple slices of lettuce replaced the bun. I like an old fashioned cheese burger with cheddar, pickles, red onions and ketchup so I piled on the toppings. I’ll be making more of these pretty soon. Enjoy! 

Plenty for the next batch

Seasoned quarter pound burgers

The full lunch minus the top lettuce bun

7 thoughts on “Best (Indoor) Turkey Burgers  

  1. I’ve been getting into grilling this past month. I’ve had a huge love for burgers, but we’ve been buying the frozen ones which are loaded with stuff we don’t need to eat. We also have a meat grinder at home. I should be making my own burgers from scratch like you. Thanks for the inspiration!


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