Crock-Pot Skinny: “Roasted” Chicken 

March was a crazy busy month for me-lots of travel and important work projects and deadlines. But I’ve been eating right with no time to blog. I hope to catch up with some short posts this week, starting with this super juicy Crock-Pot Rotisserie Chicken. I followed the recipe exactly, including the lemon juice. However, I placed the finished chicken under the broiler for about 7 mins to crisp up the skin. So you might be thinking why bother when I could buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store? I get it, but here’s why: I’ve never had a store bought rotisserie chicken that was this juicy. Never! 

Post roast

Saved the pot drippings for a gravy

I enjoyed the chicken for dinner with my favorite glazed roasted Brussel sprouts

I chopped up the leftover chicken for my favorite Greek yogurt curry chicken salad

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