Mealprep Master: Baked Shrimp Stir Fry 

Week after week, I spend my Sunday funday prepping breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week. This week I’m trying something new and easy: Sheet Pan Stir Fry. I took many liberties in modifying this already great Gimmesomeoven recipe. I tried it last week with chicken and decided shrimp might be a better fit. So I marinated the shrimp overnight and baked it until pink-about 8 minutes. I omitted the asparagus this time because I found that it added little to the flavor profile of the dish. I quartered my Brussels for ease of eating. I think that’s it. Everything about this dish, while simple, is pretty darn amazing. As such, I’m flooding this post with pics. Enjoy!

1.5 lbs medium white shrimp
Marinated before baking
Chopped veggies-healthy is so beautiful
Coat veggies well in remaining marinade
I need bigger sheet pans
Post baked goodness

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