Crock-Pot Skinny: Pork Carnitas 

It’s still January and this crockpot experiment is going really well. These Pork Carnitas are super easy to make. I had more trouble shopping for the right cut of meat than making the dish. Ask your butcher to slice the meat. It’ll help cut down your meal prep time. I almost doubled the meat and froze half the pork. I’ll post about the leftovers later. You could simply eat the pork with rice or veggies. However, I love Burrito bowls so I chopped some red pepper, cooked quinoa in broth, and whipped up the worlds best guacamole (my recipe). Then I piled all my favorite toppings on for an amazing burrito bowl. Yum! 

Easy enough

Searing the meat is a key, don’t skip

Tuck the garlic in good

The meat was super tender, it practically fell apart

The chipotle peppers add the perfect spice

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