Mason Jar Obsessed 

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with Mason jars. I use them for anything I can from cocktails to presents. One of my favorite things to use Mason jars for are layered salads. I first wrote about these clever salads last January. They have been a lunchbox staple since. My new favorite Mason jar salad is the Cajun shrimp jar which tastes more like a cold shrimp fajita without the carb-filled flour tortillas than a salad. I used my favorite Cajun seasoning blend on the shrimp and cut corners by using premade guacamole. I love my homemade guacamole, but after a long week in California, meal prepping was an accomplishment and this short cut made it happen. No regrets! 

What’s in your lunchbox? 

The veggies

Cajun blend on shrimp 🍤

Cheat guacamole

Cooked everything in one pan (veggies first) then let ingredients cool before assembling

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