Find Balance: Eat Cupcakes 

I know, I know. New year, new you. Right? I’m all for self-improvement. However, we know most resolutions fail. I believe fitness happens in the gym and the kitchen. It doesn’t have a certain look-it’s what you want for your health. To that end, my fitness journey is about balance. And so, despite the fact that it’s January, I’m baking cupcakes. One Bowl Red Velvet Cupcakes to be exact. I don’t follow rules well. Despite the warnings to follow the recipe, I made revisions because…well because. I used reduced fat sour cream and coconut oil instead of canola. I also mixed all wet ingredients (including food color and apple cider vinegar) and then added to dry ingredients in my mixer. So I used more than one bowl, but it was worth it. 

My first batch weren’t pretty: I forgot salt and over filled the tins. The second time around, I baked half cupcakes without tins and they rose much better. I did, however, forget to spray the muffin pan so they stuck to the pan. 

And the finished product was super yummy. My piping skills, however, are a little rusty. Enjoy! 

What I did with the cupcakes I scraped from the pan

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