Holiday Baking: Homemade Oreos 

So calling this an Oreo is an exaggeration. It’s good, but it’s a truly a sandwich cookie. Sandwich like a thick slice of bread. Chocolate cream pie is probably more fitting. Anyways it’s good and makes a great holiday treat. You can add peppermint to the icing or dip the icing on peppermint bits for a great holiday treat. I made these for our office holiday potluck. They are pretty darn good. I’d make these for the chocolate lovers instead of the Oatmeal Cream Pies for gifting. As always Sally’s bake blog has the perfect recipe-follow it perfectly for perfect cookies. For my oven, 6 minutes was perfect. Anything more and I got cracks. The cracked cookies are good, not as pretty. I recommend a couple test cookies before baking a whole batch. This recipe also doubles well, so make two batches for a large group. Enjoy! Happy holiday baking! 

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