Skinny Peanut Chicken 

If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love Skinnytaste. I first tried this Asian Peanut Noodles with Chicken before this blog existed, and I’ve had it since though never posted until now. I don’t mind too much of a good thing so I doubled the recipe so that I will have enough for lunch and dinner this week. I also made a couple changes including this new Peter Pan Simply Ground peanut butter. I was able to omit the chopped peanuts (which are hard to find at a reasonable price my regular grocery store). There’s  a slight crunch to the peanut butter, an added benefit along with no artificial flavors or preservatives. I also shaved my carrots using a veggie peeler because I don’t care for the shape or texture of store bought chopped carrots. It’s a little extra work but it’s worth it. Finally, you can use any rice noodle you like. This time I made a thinner noodle that soaks in hot water for 10 mins until done. Any size rice noodle will work. 

If you chop and measure everything in advance, this meal comes together quickly. Oh, and you get to feel like a real chef using your wok.😉 

I like heat so I added extra sriracha sauce


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