Holiday Baking: Oatmeal Cream Pies 

While the time between Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and the new year is generally not my favorite, I most look forward to holiday baking, crafting, and giving. Last year I gave Mason jar s’mores  and they were a hit. This year, I wanted to  do some baking while continuing my Mason jar obsession. I also wanted to remember my mom who beat breast cancer this year while treating all the folks who were so supportive of us. So I decided on mini oatmeal cream pies housed in cute Mason jars. The Oatmeal cookie recipe I picked for these is now my new favorite. I tried a softer, homemade frosting from The Pioneer Woman and a thicker one from Sally. I prefer the thicker frosting, the recipients are split. Try both. 
I house the cookies in mini Mason jars, added a cute picture of me and my mom at a Christmas years ago, and wrapped it with tweed and a fancy clothespin I got from the Dollar Tree. 

What holiday cookies are you baking? If you’re undecided, try these.

Half a tablespoon rolled, lightly flattened and baked for 8 minutes makes the perfect sized cookie for the Mason jar. 

Then fill with cream and stuff in jars. About four cookies fit in a jar. 

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