Skinny Egg Roll Bowls 

One of my favorite waist-conscious bloggers is Gina Homolka, author of Skinnytaste. In addition to cooking up her free recipes from the website, I’ve purchased all of her books including her latest:

On iBooks and I’m in love all over again. I cannot wait to cook more recipes from it, but my favorite thus far is the egg roll bowl. I made a couple substitutions, mostly because I refused to go to multiple stores. So I got what I could get from Trader Joes and avoided chopping veggies to get this one done as quickly as possible:

And I always feel like a real cook when I get to use my wok.

This recipe made a perfect light lunch. I cannot wait to have it again. Thanks Gina! 

Just FYI, this blog post is not a paid endorsement. I’m simply a big fan. 


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