Quinoa Moroccan Stuffed Peppers

Thanks to my sweetheart, I am all settled in Tennessee. And that means back to cooking and blogging on a regular basis. Today I cooked up my first meal in my new place: yummy Moroccan Stuffed Peppers. As you can tell from the link, I made a significant modification-substituting green for red peppers. Unfortunately, the grocery store made this decision for me. The red peppers didn’t look healthy enough to gather four peppers to make this dish complete so I had to go with green. I understand that green peppers probably modified the taste of this dish, but I can honestly say the peppers were still pretty darn good. I also made another significant change (really because my blender was in the middle of a dishwasher cycle) by not putting the stuffing in the food processor. I can’t really figure out the purpose of this step. I think it’s perfectly okay to omit this step, though I do plan to make again with red peppers.

For my first week back at it, this was a simple meal to prep and prepare. For this I’m thankful because I still haven’t quite caught up on rest from my world wind move. Enjoy!


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