Love, Pasta

What is not to love about pasta…other than calories and love handles??? There are lots of zoodle recipes floating around. And while I am sure they are awesome, when I want pasta, I want pasta not pasta shaped veggies. But to lighten the load, I always eat whole wheat pasta. It’s a decision I can live with when I just want what I want. Cue this Tuscan Chicken Pasta I found while scrolling my Facebook timeline. If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen all the recipe vids floating around there. Most of them are calorie filled nothings, but this was one recipe light enough for me to go for. I even used cream, thought not the heavy cream the recipe called for. Just cream. I substituted the angle hair pasta for thin, whole wheat spaghetti. I decided to use sun dried tomatoes and since I love garlic, I added way more than the recipe called for. I also went a little heavy on the spinach and omitted the bacon-didn’t miss it. What I failed to do was rinse the tomatoes and so they made the dish slightly oily though not too oily for me to love.


It cooks up in two pots with little fuss and is amazingly tasty. I hope you enjoy this one too.



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