The only thing I love more than breakfast is brunch-a breakfast lunch combo on steroids. My friend and I love brunch. Instead of waiting through the crowds at our fav local brunch spots, we decided to get together and make brunch at her place. It was amazing. I made this yummy Cheesy Breakfast Casserole  without the sausage because my friend is a vegetarian.

I prepped the veggies and potatoes the night before and followed the recipe exactly (minus the sausage). The casserole was great though when I make it again I will season the potatoes and veggies more. I can’t wait to try this with meat.

You gotta have something sweet for brunch too so I also whipped up these Whole Wheat Strawberry Muffins with this Buttery Glaze.

My friend roasted asparagus with a mock hollandaise sauce, chopped up some fresh fruit for a yummy salad, and served up tangerine mimosas. It was definitely brunch-tastic!

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