Must Have Veggie Burger

I try to rotate my hot and cold lunchbox items every other week. A couple weeks ago I added this Sweet Potato., Chickpea, and Quinoa Veggie Burger to my favorite hot lunchbox main dishes. I hesitated to make this burger because, while I love the flavors, I have not had the best luck getting the right consistency to homemade veggie burgers. No fault to the recipe, but I was disappointed in the consistency of these as well and plan to add dry oats or maybe whole wheat bread crumbs when I make them again to help with that. For some reason, I can’t quite get them crisp enough without charring them a bit much. I’ll be working on that and will update this post later. But nothing about the consistency stopped me from loving these burgers for a whole lunch week. The flavor is perfectly spicy-just like I like my food and life. Since I didn’t plan to eat my burgers with bread or toppings, I chopped the roasted red bell pepper (only 1) and added it directly to the mix before cooking. I wrapped each burger in parchment paper and froze them in freezer bags. For lunch, I heated it up on “Reheat” for about half time (though this depends on the microwave). I still have some in the freezer now and cannot wait to have them again for lunch soon. Enjoy!

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