Valentine’s Day is for Sweets

Valentine’s Day is for lovers sweets. When it comes to the holidays, it’s the one I most look forward to because it provides the excuse to bake, eat, and share a variety of sweets. I usually buy Girlscout cookies each year to support a friend’s kid, but I don’t get the cookies delivered because when it comes to Samoas I have no self control. I once ate a whole box in one setting.  When I stumbled on this Homemade Samaos recipe and surveyed the limited ingredients on hand, I knew I’d be safe. I have a heart shaped cookie cutter that I’ve been dying to use for over a year. Making the cookies larger cut down on the desire to eat them all. And since I barely had enough coconut to cover the cookies, I could only make a few. I had two and took the rest to the office. Everyone loved them! By default, you’ll get the Trefoils Shortbread recipe as well. They are yummy alone and covered in coconut, caramel, and chocolate.

Take her advice. You’ll appreciate the flour. The dough is very sticky even when chilled.

I was worried but they even pleased the perfectionist.

I melted Kraft baking caramels with heavy whipping cream. Then piped chocolate on using a sandwich bag. I’m fancy!

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