Resolutions You Can Stick To

It’s that time of the year when everyone decides that their New Year’s resolution will be to get fit. Now for most people (let’s just be honest) the commitment to getting fit won’t last  much longer than January.  I hope this post makes it easier for those of you planning to drop some weight in the new year to stick to it.

I already told you that I am obsessed with Mason jars  and mason jar salads are the best. I fell love with the idea around this time last year and I’ve been packing them  for lunch ever since.  My favorite recipe is the Chopped Black Bean and Corn  from Organize Yourself Skinny. These are especially great for meal prepping your whole week as the lettuce and other ingredients remain fresh. Just be sure to strictly follow the ordering directions to ensure veggies don’t get soggy.

Check out more mason jar salad recipes on Buzzfeed. Best wishes for your weight loss!

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