Cooked Presents

Cooking the blogs is not limited to making great meals and sweets. I cook presents too. Every year I make holiday treats for my family, friends, and colleagues (like these). This year, I also baked up personalized mugs. I’ll admit, after trying this a couple years ago with a Sharpie, I was skeptical about these actually working out. Fortunately, they turned out awesome and so far everyone loves them. I liked them so much a made a couple for myself. Kudos to Stacey at Glued to My Crafts Blog  for perfecting this DIY gift idea.

Like Stacey, I stocked up on mugs at The Dollar Tree. I shop there all the time, but it was important for me not to initially spend a lot on mugs when I was skeptical about the success of this craft. I grabbed a variety of scrapbooking stickers from Michaels as well as paint pens (any brand). After attempting the dot approach, and killing every muscle in my hand and arms, I decided to try tracing and filling the stickers. I liked how this looked better and my hand liked how it felt. I wasn’t daring enough to freehand a design, but I plan to try it in the future.

Check out my designs. Excuse my French.


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