“Skinny” Doughnuts

Because “happy hour” is not a meal, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day by default. Last year, I hosted my family for Thanksgiving dinner. My grandparents arrived the day before Thanksgiving. I wanted to treat them to a special Thanksgiving breakfast so I decided to make homemade, baked doughnuts. I didn’t have to search the net long to find a recipe for Skinny Vanilla Bean Donuts.

I gotta be honest, as you can probably tell by the photo, I went the lazy route and did not bother with the vanilla bean paste. I used the good stuff-pure vanilla extract, of course. The recipe allows you to choose, so I opted for honey as my sweetener. I also used almond milk instead of fat free dairy milk.

I served them up with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. My Gramps (the traditionalist) was not at all interested, but my Grammy loved them. While they were not that pretty, they were very yummy. I am definitely thinking about modifying the recipe and making them again this year.


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