Dressing Over Stuffing

Thanksgiving is almost here! Last year, I hosted about 20 family members for a traditional, southern Thanksgiving dinner with fried turkey, ham, baked mac & cheese, collard greens, DRESSING, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler (yes, mostly carbs) on the menu. Despite living in the midwest and west, I am a southern girl at heart. And in the south, we eat dressing. I am not sure I have ever had stuffing…or if I want to.

I love my Grammy’s dressing and have mastered making it without a recipe. However, since last year was my Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a slightly different version. Luckily I found Deep South Dish and this recipe for Traditional Southern Cornbread Dressing.IMG_0792OMG! The best dressing I’ve ever had. I mostly followed the recipe. I used Sage (instead of Bell’s seasoning). I also used a trick learned from Grammy and crumbled and seasoned my break crumbs the day before I cooked the dressing. I am not a fan of meat in dressing so I didn’t add any. I also do not like gravy (yes, I’m weird like that) so I omitted it. It’s perfect without it.

2 thoughts on “Dressing Over Stuffing

  1. Dressing. What is stuffing anyway?; isn’t it cooked on top of the stove?.. Eew.
    I don’t even it dressing, but growing up southern, I can make a mean pan. Like you, I use a combination of seasoned bread crumbs but also cornbread. I’ve made it with and without the ground turkey (both were a hit).
    My family is a misture of gravy and/or cranberry sauce fans thus I make both from scratch each year.


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